Lose Belly Fat With These Great Tips

Many people have stubborn belly fat that they cannot get rid of, no matter how hard they try. Belly fat is often stubborn and even with diet and exercise, it can be hard to get rid of. There are some ways to conquer belly fat. These are the best ways to lose belly fat and get into shape.

How to lose belly fat

Lose Belly Fat With Healthy Foods

There are some foods that are designed to help fight off belly fat. Foods that include monounsaturated fatty acids will help stop fat from being stored in the stomach. Research has shown that people who got 25% of their calories every day from MFA did not gain fat on their stomach. Those who ate diets that were high in carbohydrates gained fat in this area. There are a number of foods that contain MFA that is good to eat. Foods such as avocados and pine nuts contain MFA. These foods will also increase the feeling of fullness, so a person will eat less. Olive oil is also high in MFA. If is recommended that a person eats about one ounce of pine nuts before every meal. This will help them avoid overeating.

Low Glycemic Foods

Foods that are low on the glycemic index will help a person lose weight on their belly. Foods that are high on the glycemic index will increase blood sugar level and secrete the stress hormone cortisol into the body. This will cause a person not only to eat more but for fats to be stored in the body especially the midsection. Foods that are low on the glycemic index will stabilize blood sugar levels and will allow the body to burn fat instead of store it. Some great foods to eat that are low on the glycemic index include beans, chickpeas, and lentils. Foods that should be avoided are foods such as white rice and potatoes.


While crunches and other core exercises will strengthen the muscles in the abdomen, they will not burn the fat that lies over these muscles. In order to burn fat, a person will have to increase the number of cardio workouts that they do every week. A recent study that was conducted by Duke University concluded that people who did 30 minutes of cardio exercise six days a week had almost no fat on their belly after an eight-month time period. People that did high-intensity workouts burnt fat even quicker. Combine exercise with Flex Belt and you will soon be fit and will stay fit easily.

These are just some tips to help a person lose belly fat. Fat in this area is difficult to get rid of and sometimes it seems like diet and exercise are not enough. By eating the proper foods and doing plenty of cardio workout moves a person can finally lose belly fat and get their self-confidence back.

Green Tea

A study that was conducted by the Journal of Functional Foods concluded that people who drank one cup of green tea on a daily basis were able to lose fat in their midsection. They burned 16 times more fat in this area than people who did not drink green tea.

Increase Fiber

The more fiber a person eats the better of they are. Fiber can help a person burn unwanted belly fat. People who were able to consume at least 10 grams of soluble fiber every day had less fat over a six month period than people that did not. Foods that are high in fiber include apples, green peas, and pinto beans.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep sounds simple enough for weight loss but this is easier said than done. People that were able to sleep seven hours a night had less belly fat than people that get five hours of sleep a night. In addition to diet and exercise, this can help a person lose belly fat.

Get Rid of Stress

Stress is one of the worst things for a person’s health. Stress releases cortisol which is responsible for the storing of fat. There are several ways a person can remove stress from their life. They can take up an enjoyable hobby, learn meditation ,or spend more time with family and friends. This will allow the body to go into fat burning mode and prevent fat cells from building up in the midsection.

All in all, there are ways to lose that belly fat. All you need to do is impose some ground rules for yourself and make sure to respect them. Respect your body, take care of what you put in it, ad ultimately you will have the results you are aching for. Don’t give up!

Flex Belt – Stay Fit Every Day

It is important to stay fit every day especially when you are engaged in different tasks, making your body suffer from it. Here comes the good news, the development of Flex Belt. This product is responsible for stimulating major muscles on the stomach as well as used for achieving abdominal contraction perfectly. Using the Flex Belt will enable your obliques, lower and upper abs to be worked out to achieve fitter stomach abs. Using this would not make you worry about the form of your body because this is designed for you to have toned and strong muscles of the abdomen while you are just sitting and doing any form of activity.

Flex Belt ad

How Will Flex Belt Help?

Flex Belt will work better when used properly. It strengthens and tones the parts of the stomach without worrying about any pain. It is good to know that when you use this, your abs will be taken to a higher level, making you appear fit and sexy. The product targets specific parts of the abs through the use of electrical charges for activating the muscles of the abdomen. The signals that the device has will be extended to different nerves and will branch on the muscles of the stomach achieving a relaxing feeling. You can make sure that all muscles are worked out, not only the ones that are covered.


There are several reviews that came from customers who used this product. Some said that using the Flex Belt for just a few weeks resulted in improving their waist. This is a good alternative for people who do not have time to do their exercise. Using this belt made them achieve a better result compared to the times when they were not yet using the product. If there are customers who became satisfied with the result, there are also some who are not happy with what they received. They said that it is not suited for weight loss. However, the manufacturers clearly state that Flex Belt will not do all the work by itself.

Is Flex Belt Safe?

The use of Flex Belt is proven safe due to the fact that this is the first belt for abs toning that is cleared by the Food and Drug Agency (FSA), as well as comply with the different requirements of Medical Device Directive. The users are assured that they will not be harmed while using Flex Belt.

Here are some of the noted benefits that a person may get after using the Flex Belt. However, the results will merely depend on how the person will use it:

  • Guarantee your money back. 4 to 8 weeks is given by the company as an allotted period for you to see the results, but if not, you will have the opportunity to get your money back without any difficulty.
  • Flex belt is created to give comfort to the user by means of generating pulsing sensations that are mild smoothly contracting the body. You can also customize the intensity depending on your preferences.
  • Intensity is adjustable. Having an intensity that ranges from 1 to 150, you are given the freedom to adjust the level to achieve comfort for your muscles in order to continue improving.
  • Very simple to use. The instructions for using the Flex Belt are very easy to follow, giving you the chance to do different tasks at the same time.


Knowing that Flex belt is technology driven, the price is a little bit higher than you may expect. This seems costly for a device that only benefits the muscles of the abdomen, and only those who have enough money can afford to buy this. This is also mistaken as a device for weight loss. In fact, this is used to add impact on the healthy lifestyle of a person.

There are no noted side effects from the users who used this Flex Belt. It is advisable that you should use this for around 30 minutes daily until you see the result that you want to achieve. After achieving the result, you may use it for at least 2 to 3 times a week to maintain the desirable results.

This Flex Belt is available on line. Great deals awaits you when you have the time to do a research on different offers to save your precious money. On the other hand, there is no trial period for free for those who want to see the effects of Flex Belt. That is why be wise in purchasing the product. Make an informed decision. Buy this because you need it not just because you want it.

There is no harm in trying Flex Belt, especially when you have a good purpose. Due to the great demand of people who need Flex Belt, you may find that the stocks are gone. Fortunately, there is a 24-hour period when they will be restocked. So, what are you waiting for? Buy one now and see the best results in just a few weeks. Include Flex Belt in your daily routine and the results will not be late.

Is Flex Belt Really Effective in Toning Abs?

Do you want to tone and strengthen your abs? Exercising is truly exhausting that’s why many people are looking for something that can help them reduce weight and make their bodies back to its perfect shape and perfect curves without exerting efforts and getting tired. Before, that is impossible but now, thanks to the advanced technology and brilliant minds of the originators, there is already an a very easy way to shake off all your unwanted baggage without actually exercising and starving yourself to death. That answer to your prayers is Flex belt.

This weight loss or slimming belt is favored by many body-conscious people because it can really help in getting the body that everyone wants to have all their without trying hard to work up a sweat. This slimming product is a portable device that was designed to target and tone the abs with the use of electrical charges that repeatedly activates the abdominal muscles very effectively.

The flex belt is in intended to tone up, firm and strengthen the user’s stomach muscles without even doing rigorous exercises and routines such as sit-ups, crunches and other types of abs workout. Though most people know that good things can only happen after you have earned them through sweat, blood and tears and this is true in most cases, this abdominal toning belt is an exception for that. This product by far belongs to the most in demand and most effective slimming products that were offered in the market.

Due to its popularity and high demands, some people may ask themselves like “does flex belt work for me?”, some may also wonder if it is a scam because many says that the product offers many benefits that are almost too good to be true. This abdominal toning belt is safe for use by anybody, regardless of his fitness level. The Flex Belt device is extremely easy to setup. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, if you know what you are doing. This device is safe to use by casual exercisers, new mothers, busy individuals, to those with sore backs, fitness enthusiasts who already have a good shape and anybody who wishes to have the best abs that everyone will always love. Though it is safe to use by everybody, there are also some exceptions to that. Those people who have a certain health condition like heart problems and cancerous lesions on the skin.

The flex belt is totally not a gimmick or a scam because it is for real and is proven 100% effective by the medical science. It is the very first electric Muscle Stimulation product that was cleared by the FDA as class II medical and slimming device that was directly offered in the market. There are also many reviews available online about this product or slimming device that prove how effective and great this abdominal toning belt is. All the feedbacks from the users are positive and really tell how this belt brought changes to their bodies and to their lives as well.

Is flex belt safe? The answer for that is definitely a big YES, though it is not advisable to people with heart and skin problems. Anyone can definitely use this abdominal toning belt according to their health conditions and stomach obesity. It is also safe to use because it was approved by the Food and Drug Agency. Aside from being safe to use, this belt slimming device also offer many visible benefits and advantages to the users. The following are some of them:

  • Helps in toning, strengthening and tightening the abs anywhere and anytime the user wants to use it.
  • Was already approved and cleared by the FDA and endorsed by famous celebrities as a very effective and medical grade product or slimming device.
  • Great for a wide range of people, from new mothers down to anybody who wants to have an attractive and perfect abs.
  • There is a 2-year replacement warranty and comes with an absolute 60-money back or refund guarantee.
  • Comfortable, safe, quick and very easy to use.

The only disadvantage with flex belt is that this product can be quite expensive to some and the only satisfaction guaranteed within 60 days but have no returns if the product was bought in a store or reseller. Some users also experienced that the other parts of their body near the waist are also receiving directly the electric charges that sometimes lead to constipation and intestinal issues.

All in all, this slimming device is very effective in toning the abs. The best way to purchase this product is to buy it from its official website and may come to you with a free trial available or a discount code that allows the buyers to save up to 10%.

Because of the high demands for flex belt, the product may run out of stock. There are already many users who experience such, but no worries because the product may be back in stock after some time. If you want to be sure that you can get one of this product, then it’s a wise idea that you purchase it now unless you want to wait.

How To Setup Flex Belt

Before using it, you need to learn how to setup it correctly.

Step 1 – Charge the battery. Insert your charger into an electrical outlet and then connect your unit to it. it may take approximately 2-3 hours to fully charge the battery. Your unit is fully charged when all three sections of the battery icon are full. The battery icon will flash when the battery is low and needs to be recharged.

NOTE: Do not leave your unit connected to the charger when the battery is fully charged.

Step 2 – Connect the unit to the belt. The unit and belt must be connected for

Step 3 – Remove the covers from the patterned side of the pads and place the pads on the belt.
Turn the belt over so that the 3 silver studs are facing upwards. Remove the three adhesive pads from
their pack. There are 1 large square pad and 2 smaller oval pads. One side of each pad has a grid pattern
on it while the other side is Plain black.

Step 4 – Remove the covers from the black side of all three pads. Do not throw these covers away as
you will need to put them back on the pads at the end of your session.

Step 5 – Position the belt on your body.
Wrap the belt around your waist so that the pads are pressed firmly against your skin, positioning the
large square pad over your navel (belly button). Stretch the ends of the belt around your waist
until the small pads are between your hip bone and ribs on either side of your body. Fasten the
belt tightly around your waist, but not so tight as to cause discomfort. The pads are water-based, so
you may find they are cool when placed on your skin.

After you finished with the setup, here’s the best way to use the Flex Belt.

How to use Flex Belt

This page explains Flex Belt Unit Messages. Make sure you understand them, before using the device the wrong way.

Step 1: Press and hold the on/off button (On for two seconds to switch your
unit on).

Step 2: Select the program you wish to use by pressing the program button. Then to start the program, press and hold the increase intensity
buttons  until you feel your muscles contracting. Always choose an
intensity level at which you feel a strong but comfortable contraction. This will
vary from person to person. You should try to reach an intensity level of 15 or
higher in your first session. The increasing intensity level is displayed on the
Step 3: Continue increasing the intensity throughout the session if possible. You will feel the muscle contractions getting stronger as the intensity increases.
Remember the harder you work your muscles the better the results you will see, but always reduce the intensity if you feel any discomfort. Your unit’s intensity range is 0-150.
Pause: If you wish to pause a session before it is finished, simply press the on/off button briefly. The display will show that the unit is paused [H]. To resume the session, briefly press the on/off button again. The display will return to its normal mode.

Run Faster: If you wish to increase the intensity faster. press the two arrows and the information [i] button simultaneously. This will increase the intensity for both sides at a faster rate.


At the end of the training session, your belt will stop automatically. However, to switch off your unit at any time during a session, press and hold the on/off button for two seconds. You should see the display turn off.

Step 5: Remove the belt and lay it on a flat surface. Put the covers back on the black side of the
pads. Store your Flex Belt in the bag until your next session.
NOTE: Do not disconnect the unit from the belt without first switching the unit off, as this may result in
an error on your display.

Flex Belt Unit Messages

Have fun and start getting hard rock abs with Flex Belt.

Information Button

Press the information button anytime during a session to see the highest intensity
level you have reached for that session. Pressing the information button twice
shows you the total number of sessions you have completed. Pressing
the information button three times shows the belt type you are using.

Mute Function

If you want to switch off your unit’s sound effects, press and hold the program
button for two seconds. The mute function remains active indefinitely
unless manually changed. Deactivate the mute function by again pressing the
program button for two seconds.

Keylock Function

If you find a comfortable exercise intensity, press and hold the information button
for two seconds to lock that intensity. This function only remains active
during the session in which it is activated. If you wish to increase the intensity
further. deactivate the key lock function by again pressing the information button
for two seconds.

Error Messages

In the unlikely event of your unit developing a problem, “Error” will appear on your
unit display. If this occurs you should switch the unit off and then switch
it back on again. It should now operate properly. If the problem persists, please
call(or email us).

Battery Charging

Flex Belt is powered by a rechargeable battery. The full performance of
the battery is achieved only after two or three complete charge and discharge cycles.
The battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of times, but it will
eventually wear out. To ensure optimum battery performance you should use your
device regularly e.g. perform 1 session a day, 5 days a week.


If a replacement battery is being used for the first time or if the battery has not
been used for a prolonged period, it may be necessary to connect the charger and
then disconnect and reconnect it to start the charging.
Unplug the charger from the electrical plug and the device when not in use. Do
not leave fully charged the battery connected to a charger, since overcharging may
shorten its lifetime. If left unused, a fully charged battery will lose its charge over
time.  The battery icon on the display will flash when the battery is low and needs
to be recharged. After a period of time, you may find that your battery will only
power your unit for a limited number of sessions, requiring you to charge the
battery more frequently. This is because rechargeable batteries have a limited
number of charge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced.
Should you need to replace the rechargeable battery. remove the small rubber
plug from the back cover of your unit , unscrew the back cover and
remove it. Replace the existing battery pack with a new battery pack
and replace the battery cover.


If the battery is completely discharged, it may take a few minutes before the
charging indicator appears on the display. Use the battery only for its intended
purpose. Never use any charger or battery that is damaged.
Leaving the battery in hot or cold places. such as in a closed car in summer or
winter conditions, will reduce the capacity and lifetime of the battery. Always try
to keep the battery between 15°C and 25°C [59°F and 77°F]. A device with a hot
or cold battery may not work temporarily, even when the battery is fully charged.
Battery performance is particularly limited in temperatures well below freezing.
Do not dispose of batteries in a fire as they may explode. Batteries may also
explode if damaged. Dispose of batteries according to local regulations. Please
recycle when possible. Do not dispose of as household waste.

Gel Pads – Replacement and Discount

I’ve received this question several times on my email so I think a proper explanation it’s in place.

When you ordered Flex Belt, you received a box with the following items:

  • Flex Belt
  • LCD remote/battery
  • AC adaptor
  • User manual
  • Belt extension
  • Travel bag
  • and finally the Gel pads

What is a Gel Pad?

A Gel Pad it’s the piece of vinyl (the pad size is 5.6 x 0.3 inches) that will act as a barrier between you and Flex Belt so they must be placed on the belt before use. They are reusable (for at least 30 sessions) and they’re quality it’s medical-grade(if you are buying the original from the United States of course). The package contains 3 gel pads, one square pad for the middle of the belt and two oval shaped pads for the sides and it should last for at least 30 sessions. When you opened the Flex Belt package you probably noticed them that they are made from a very soft and flexible vinyl lubricated with gel. The current price for them it’s 14$ trough amazon.



When the belt it’s on, the pads must be in direct contact with your skin, sending electric signals to the muscles in the abdomen. The pads can only be placed on the abdomen so don’t try them in another region of your body. Try not to place the pads on any scar, inflamed or infected skin part and DO NOT place them on metal implants.

If you need to reposition them, be sure to pause the program and unfasten the belt and fasten it from behind after repositioning them.