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Working out has become an essential task for many. Weight loss is a common concern for many because of the health issues that can occur, but also because people want to look better. Surveys show the 2 in 3 adults are either overweight or obese in the United States. People are taking action to get their best body. All of these factors considered, there are also multiple products that have been created to satisfy these needs, Flex Belt being one of them. As technology advances, their new methods to help aid individuals in this challenging journey to a healthier lifestyle. Click here to read more reviews.

What Is Flex Belt?

The technology of the Flex Belt is based on an EMS. An EMS is electrical muscle stimulation. This abdominal muscle toner belt is designed to send an electrical wave to the abdominal muscles. This signal should then trigger a clenching reaction. The muscles should relax after this, mimicking the actions of the actual workout. It is made for the ultimate convenience for its users. Many people have busy work schedules and don’t have much time to workout. The electric ab belt is designed to do the work for the user while they handle other obligations. It basically helps the user to multitask.

How Does It Work?

Flex Belt is an abdominal toning belt and its design has a similar structure to a medical product because it is inspired by a medical product. The EMS technology is FDA approved and has been used for treatment therapies. The Flex Belt pads that are designed to transfer the signals to the abdominals effectively. The belt reaches all the muscles and helps them to relax then contract. The belt sends these pulses and creates enough energy to work comfortably out the abs. The levels range widely from 1 to 100. Many who use the belt can feel sore the next day after use because it is like a workout. And this is why Flex Belt is the best ab belt o the market. It mimics a workout perfectly.You will not find better ab toning belts like this one anywhere.

Is Flex Belt Safe?

Flex Belt usage is cleared by the FDA. Be very careful when you are looking to purchase one. Ensure that the device you purchase on Amazon or other websites is FDA approved. An FDA approval is vital because FDA ensures all cables and leads comply with the safety standards, they check the safety and efficiency of all items before stamping their approval, and that all products pass the criteria for being properly manufactured, and labeled.

A consumer is urged to read all “Do not use if” sections of any device before usage. For example, people suffering from heart disease or individuals who have electronic implants such as a defibrillator or a cardiac pacemaker should not use this product. Please read the terms and conditions section as well.

Does Flex Belt Work?

Flex Belt will show significant changes in your body within a period of 6 weeks. Approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it helps tone, firm, and strengthens muscles. A study conducted by Dr. John P. Porcari, professor in Exercising and Sports Science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and Executive Director of La Crosse Exercise and Health Program found that individuals who continuously used the device five times per week, 20 – 40 minutes per session, experienced significant changes. Some changes documented included:

– They all showed an increase in abdominal strength and endurance
– They all had reduced tummy fat and thinner waists afterward
– They had firmer and more toned abdominal muscles
– 54 percent of the participants felt their posture was better after continuous usage.

“The results can be attributed to the strength of the electrically induced muscle contractions made possible by the quality of the electrodes utilized in the belt system, as well as the stimulator itself,” said Dr. John P. Porcari.


Some people do not believe that the Flex Belt really works. However, studies have shown that with continuous usage, it works great by helping build a toned abdomen.

  • Adjustable Intensity – the intensity level of the electric abdominal toning belt can range from 1-150, and you have the control to increase it, as your abdominal muscles are continuously improving and give you the opportunity to advance further more.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery that can be recharged anytime you deem fit. There is no need for replacement batteries for Flex Belt
  • It is so quick and easy to use. Those days you miss a workout session because of your ever-busy schedule are gone. Simply put your device on as you work or spend time with your family and enjoy 20 – 40 minutes of some abdominal exercises (you can set intensity levels as high or as low as you want).
  • Since the device is statically stimulating the abdomen muscles, you do not need to partake in vigorous exercises and movements that can cause you harm. You can have a workout session seated on a couch-, thus eliminates any harm that may befall you during exercise.
  • It is very lightweight and comfortable. It can accommodate waist sizes from 24 inches to 52 inches without causing any discomfort.
  • Safe – This is the first ab toning belt that is cleared by the FDA and follows the Medical Device Directive requirements.
  • The device comes with a month warranty and a 60 days money back guarantee. If you do not achieve the promised outcome within a period of 60 days, you can return it and get a full refund.


  • Work Efficiency – The device works to stimulate the abdominal muscles, so the user can focus on other things. It may be difficult at first for some to complete other tasks because of its efficiency.
  • Budget – Since the Flex Belt offers a lot of conveniences, it may cost a bit more than other ab stimulator belts. It might not be an option for some people’s budget, but it could be a quality investment if the person finds the need for it.
  • Accuracy – Flex Belt was made for one specific area of the body, the abdominals. While this area can carry an overload of weight and is considered a common problem area, it is not the only place where fat is stored. Thus, Flex Belt should be used as a tool or aid to possible weight loss. Relying on it alone can lead to insignificant results for the user.

Who Can Use Flex Belt?

Athletes, physical therapists, and many other people who wish to cut

down on their stomach fat can use it. This item is quite popular because it exercises your muscles without much stress or strain on your tendons or joints. Individuals in training, recovery, rehabilitation or people wishing to tone and define their muscles can also use Flex Belt. It works on all major stomach muscle groups – the upper and lower abs.

Other People Who Can Benefit From the Flex Belt

Aside from people toning and strengthening their abdominal muscles, this belt can be used by:

  • Individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries
  • People who suffer from lower back pains and people who find it difficult to do conventional exercises
  • People who have weak joints and tendons
  • Parents who do not have time for working out
  • People looking to add versatility to their training program

Flex Belt Before and After

If you have tummy fat and are looking for some six-pack abs, Flex Belt is just what you need. It guarantees changes in your appearance within 60 days. You do not need to do your crunches or any other type of abdominal workout. This abdominal muscle toner belt will help you get a six-pack in under two or three months.

Where Can I Buy It Or Is There A Free Trial Available?

When buying the product, it would be best to get it from their official website. By doing so you can be assured that the products you are getting are 100% authentic. They also offer a Flex Belt discount code to avail a 10% discount off their products. Keep in mind that their official website can also offer the best Flex Belt deals. You can save up to $150 if you are buying two or more belts. Their official website provides a 60-day money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry about being unsatisfied with its effectiveness.

Because of the very high demand in the industry nowadays, there is a large probability that it might run out of stock from time to time. However, the stock will be back in 24 hours later. So if you don’t want to wait longer for the next set of stocks, you should visit their website now, and get one today.


Flex Belt can be a great tool for people who are busy and still want to have an exercise routine. Again, it is not meant to be the solution for weight loss. Users should still be aware of their diet and take the steps to achieve the proper weight loss. While the belt does stimulate the abs, it won’t change the whole body. Many who have their problem area in their midsection may find this device extremely useful. When it comes down to how the ab Flex Belt works, it depends on multiple factors. Every user can react differently to the device, and many may think that they will see immediate results. All results depend on how the belt is handled, together with other methods that lead to weight loss. We rate the flex belt 5 out of 5 stars.