Perfect six-pack abs are everybody’s dream. Everyone wants to lose their tummy fat, get slimmer, and have the body of their dreams. Unfortunately, not everybody can achieve that using conventional ways. Some people struggle. They go to the gym, they jog almost every day, but still cannot get rid of the fat. What is their solution? An EMS belt.


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Great for beginners
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About EMS

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) belts are waist trimmers designed for firming and toning the abdominal muscles. You just place the belt on your abdomen, and it will do the job for you. You can actually see your abs working out.

The principle behind EMS is simple. Electrical nerve impulses are sent to your muscles, causing them to contract and then relax. They will become firm due to that contract-release action, just like the one you do at the gym while working out.

You will not get electrocuted, though. The belts contain gel pads with electrodes, but they are very well cushioned. They will not touch your skin at all. These EMS devices have been very well thought through, so do not worry.

There are several waist trimmers on the market. Here are two of them that are most promising. They are both of high quality and deliver the best results.

Slendertone Review

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Slendertone uses the EMS technology to induce powerful muscle contractions to strengthen your core muscles. Under the effect of this waist trimmer, your abs contract and then relax, just like they would during exercise. The difference is that the belt will do it faster and with no effort on your behalf.

If you are not familiar with the abdomen’s anatomy, then you should know that there are more muscles there than you would think. Some of them are hard to train, even with regular exercise. That is why Slendertone belt is designed to reach every muscle group in your abdomen. If you have tried before achieving the perfect belly, then you know how hard and painful is to train those side abdominal muscles. But no longer. Slendertone will take care of them for you.

As far as the user’s safety goes, Slendertone is FDA approved. That means it was checked for security issues and tested for any abnormalities. None have been reported so far. The product has been declared suited for use. Not only that but approval from the FDA also means that the device works.

Also, there is a study published about Slendertone. According to this study, Slendertone was effective in 100% of the cases. That’s right! All participants have reported positive results. They achieved these results by using this device 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks. No exercise will ever give you results in such a short period of time.

Slendertone offers 7 programs and 130 intensity levels, which make it suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced fitness trainers. Click here to buy the Slendertone Abs7.

Flex Belt Review

The Flex belt is an FDA approved EMS device that is meant to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles using electric impulses. According to a recent study, this waist trimmer is the most efficient on the market.

This belt is destined for people who have a busy way of life and don’t have the necessary time to go to the gym. Also, there are people out there who, for different reasons, cannot work out. People recovering from injuries or surgeries, for example, have mobility issues and cannot exercise. It’s not a matter of laziness or poor willpower. They just cannot. Their only alternative is an EMS device, and what better recommendation than Flex Belt?

With the 150 levels of intensity, Flex Belt will surely help you get rid of that belly fat you want off. The electrodes in the belt will do all the work for you. You can watch TV, read, or do any other activity while the belt will scrape off all the tummy fat. You can wear it while you are at work. Nobody will be able to tell that you have Flex Belt on.

Flex Belt will develop all your major muscle groups. It will take care of the upper, lower and the oblique abdomen. Everyone knows how hard is to achieve perfect obliques. This waist trimmer will spare you from all the work and will give you the belly of your dreams.

It’s clinically proven that the Flex Belt will give you firmer, more toned abdominal muscles while you do what you love (reading, cooking, watching TV, etc.) Click here to buy the Flex Belt.

Slendertone vs. Flex Belt

If you have to compare the two devices, you can see that there are a lot of similarities and differences at the same time.


  • They both work under the same EMS principle.
  • They are both FDA approved.
  • Comfort and convenience describe them both.
  • Both are user-friendly. Slendertone, as well as the Flex Belt, is super easy to use and has customizable programs and intensity levels. They are designed so that they can be worn by anyone.
  • After using both products, clients have achieved the advertised
  • They both improve posture and help with back pain relief.
  • Slendertone works all the muscles in the abdomen; so does Flex Belt.

While there are obvious similarities between the two waist trimmers, there are few differences that must not be overlooked:

  • While they both have many intensity levels, Flex Belt has by far the most. Moreover, the latter has 10 different toning programs
  • Slendertone, unlike Flex Belt, has three distinct models, Flex Pro, Ultra and System Ab Toner 7P. Flex Belt is one-model-fits-all.
  • Slendertone has built-in batteries, which makes it inconvenient to recharge. Flex Belt has a rechargeable battery pack.
  • Unlike Slendertone, the Flex Belt comes with an extension for larger waists.
  • The Flex Belt is used by stars like Denise Richards.

Conclusion on Slendertone vs. Flexbelt

Overall, both Slendertone and Flex Belt are efficient and manage to deliver the results they advertise. They are perfect for anyone who wants firm abs and a strong core. Achieving them on the old natural way is hard and takes time. So why do all that effort when there is a device that can do all that for you? We rate the Slendertone Ab7 4 out of 5.